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Beach Season

Traditionally, one considers this to be Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is when the water is the warmest, the layers are at a minimum, and no fur is found on the sand. Not for me. In full disclosure I am dog obssessed. I am happiest post summer when the temps are cooler, my layers replace much of my spf needs, and dogs are free to roam/ splash/ socialize. Originally, I am not from the coast. Trips to the beach were done at the height of the Jersey Shore season as a kid. Burns were inevitable and shells were found in the boardwalk shops for a price. Our dogs were vacationing at the local kennel. Since moving to New England almost 5 years ago my childhood traumas of the beach have evolved into adventures of exploring and photographing. It's been a miraculous transformation. Some weekends are multiple trips in a day, worked around the tide schedule. With a little sadness our days are limited as the light shortens, the wind returns, and temps sharply drop. Perhaps though that is exactly what makes its sweet and cherished.

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