Mermaids, Coney Island Style

Mermaids in Brooklyn? Sign me up. This was one of my favorite adventures from 2019 and I can't wait to repeat it this year. My one regret, I missed the memo on wearing something sparkly. Something with tulle may also be in the works. I'm not going to guarantee anything but some sketches and planning may be underway.

The event is a mix of folk posing and looking for 15 minutes of fame (not really photo worthy) and those who come for the socialization, like these ladies. I purchased a press pass that allowed for photography in the staging area. Most of the action though occurred outside of those lines. Many were "dressing" their part on the sidewalk. Those moments felt too intimate to photograph though it was out there for everyone to see. Burned in my memory is the site of a couple dressing out of the hatch of their car. A very attentive girlfriend spraying glitter scales on to her boyfriends legs. Now that's love.

This year I'll be sure to not only work on my costume but also spray my SPF more often. And plan my route back to the subway with a little more strategy.

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