Thoughts from Isolation

(a view from our walkie, New England style)

We isolated for 10 weeks back in early spring. And while we are back to work, and safely shopping, we have hit a serious pause on eating out/take out, walking the beach, and wandering into the city (any city). Instead we read (a lot), make dinner EVERY night, take long walks, and complete any kind of small projects (book making, photo editing) that had been patiently waiting when we were too busy. It's amazing that with some time a lot can become very clear, such as...

1. I am not a Friends fan. I tried. I may have fooled myself at one time to believe that I am but I am not. I accept that.

2. Not enough people know about Jim Croce. That must change.

3. Starbursts are now a food group.

4. Normal People is an A-MAZING book.

5. Books will never go out of style.

6. I miss a real, freshly baked donut. I could never go back to DD or any kind of fast food version.

7. I have deleted my Starbucks app. My future visits will be limited. I hate to think how much I spent in my former routine.

8. It's time to go back to school.

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