When In Paris

When I travel I'm not there for the obvious reasons. I prefer to take in my environment rather than check off a list of sites to see. Though to be honest, if you are going to Paris one must truly visit at least one museum. I enjoyed the D'orsay for the history of a former railroad station. If I'm really being honest I was more blown away by an air conditioning vent in the Louvre than by the Mona Lisa. It was June. Enough said.

Initially, when we were in Paris I was turned off from the city after a group of mischievous gals tried to take my bag. At the time, I had other words to describe them. It was quite the set up they had going. I'll spare you the details. It was a lesson learned but really left a bad taste for months. I never wanted to go back. Since then I've made a turn around and look forward to another visit, but not to the typical touristy sections. Been there done that. I'm drawn to walking down the streets, people watching, snapping photos of architecture, grabbing a baguette. Ohhhh and I LOVE a french pharmacy. My souvenirs are truly my photos, capturing the little details I'm sure to forget without them. And a tube, or four, of french hand cream doesn't hurt either.

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